To look at a crystal or fine mineral is to gaze into a natural world of magnificence. Nothing can match the power and beauty of nature herself.

For thousands of years, people all over the planet have been using gemstones and minerals for their metaphysical properties and they have used their stones in a variety of ways. However you choose to enjoy your crystals, whether you believe in the energy they hold, or if you wish to enjoy them for their outstanding beauty alone, Purify Crystals brings to you the finest quality crystals and minerals.

Purify Crystals is a luxury, London based, premier crystal and mineral gallery specialising in sourcing the finest, and often museum grade, crystals and fine minerals for individuals and interior designers throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our collection is, without compromise, curated on the energy composition of the crystals; Only the highest grade ever enter the collection.

We love sharing these exquisite pieces of natural art so do visit us in London to see our unique range or contact us with your requirements and we can assist you further.


Manifestation, Personal Will, Mental Clarity and Creativity. A powerful crystal of abundance.


A Tektite to be chosen carefully. An energetically complex, strong and powerful crystal.


Self-love and a zest to live one's life to the full. A crystal that seems very relevant in this present time


The most exceptional collection of crystals, mounted in our jewellery, to be worn, cherished and enjoyed. Our Jewellery is designed and made by our own team in the UK.











Exquisite Lapis Lazuli heart from Afghanistan mounted on bespoke stand. 💙 Dimensions including stand: 9.3cm x 7.7cm x 4.5cm (3.7in x 3.0in x 1.8in) Lapis Lazuli enables one to identify one’s gifts and abilities. It is one of the best stones for activating psychic abilities, enhancing intuition and assisting access to spiritual guidance. Available in the showroom or DM for details. The showroom is open Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm . . . #venusroxlondon #venusrox #lapislazuli #crystalheart #blueheart💙 #lapisheart #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

A stunning Amethyst with Agate & Calcite Part Polished/Part Natural Cluster from Uruguay mounted on a bespoke stand. Dimensions including the stand: 24.8cm x 16.2cm x 13.5cm (9.8 inches x 6.4 inches x 5.3 inches) Amethyst gives a protective shield that wards off negativity in one’s environment. It brings a feeling that one is surrounded and protected by a bubble of light. Amethyst encourages inner strength, helps lend clarity of mind and is a powerful stone for spiritual expansion. SKU: 156645 . . . #venusroxlondon #venusrox #amethyst #interiordesign #interiordecor #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Magnificent Rutilated Smoky Phantom Quartz Polished Crystal from Brazil mounted on a bespoke stand. Dimensions including the stand: 44.5cm x 19.0cm x 12.0cm (17.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 4.7 inches) Smoky Quartz is a powerful stone for the manifestation of one’s dreams and inspirations.🤎 . . . #venusroxlondon #smokeyphantomquartz #rutilatedquartz #smokeyquartz #interiordesign #interiordecor #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Beautiful large Serpentine with Pyrite Polished Sphere from Peru. Approximate Diameter: 19cm (7.5 inches) Serpentine soothes the emotional body, releasing fear of change and hardship. It helps to look towards the future with expectation and excitement. Pyrite is an excellent stone for manifestation, assisting one to take action to create abundance in one’s life. It strengthens commitment, persistence and ambition, helping drive things through to completion. . . . #venusroxlondon #serpentine #pyrite #serpentinewithpyritesphere #crystalsphere #interiordecor #interiordesign #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Lapis Lazuli Polished Freeform from Afghanistan. Dimensions: 25.3cm x 21.2cm x 7.9cm (10.0in x 8.3in x 3.1in) Lapis Lazuli enables one to identify one’s gifts and abilities. It is one of the best stones for activating psychic abilities, enhancing intuition and assisting access to spiritual guidance.💙 . . . #venusroxlondon #lapis #lapislazuli #interiordecor #interiordesign #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Vibrant Orange Calcite spheres🧡 Orange Calcite lifts one’s spirits and helps one to shake off the ‘blues’ and to focus one’s sights again on one’s dreams. It encourages one to break free from old limiting patterns which have been holding one back, bringing clarity and enabling one to align one’s thoughts with one’s will and take action towards one’s goals. An excellent stone for helping one improve one’s business and increase the flow of money coming in. . . . #venusroxlondon #venusrox #orangecalcite #orangecalcitespheres #interiordecor #interiordesign #crystalspheres #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Beautiful polished natural Citrine pieces available online and in store. Citrine has a powerful frequency for manifestation, personal will, mental clarity and creativity. . . . #venusroxlondon #citrine #amethyst #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

An exceptionally beautiful large Black Tourmaline Natural Cluster from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia, mounted on a bespoke stand. Dimensions including the stand: 24.4cm x 32.5cm x 16.2cm (9.6 inches x 12.8 inches x 6.4 inches) An ideal stone for psychic protection. Black Tourmaline has the ability to change and purify negative energy into positive energy. An excellent stone for eliminating negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and feelings of unworthiness. It brings a strong sense of groundedness. . . , #venusroxlondon #blacktourmaline #blacktourmalinenaturalcrystal #interiordesign #interiordecor #erongotourmaline #crystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧

Exquisite Blue Celestite on Matrix Natural Cluster mounted on a bespoke stand from Madagascar. Dimensions including the stand: 24.3cm x 21.4cm x 11.5cm (9.6in x 8.4in x 4.5in) SKU: 155827 Celestite is an effective stone for accessing the angelic realm, helping one to connect and communicate with one’s guardian angels and guides. It has a gentle and positive energy and teaches patience and trust in the Divine process. . . . #venusroxlondon #celestite #interiordesign #interiordecor #crystals #naturalcrystals #crystalshoplondon #london🇬🇧